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6" & 8"


5″, 6″, 8″, 9″, 10″ Water Filled Motor – 50/60 HZ

VARUNA Brand manufactured Submersible Motor ISO 9001. 100% stainless steel motor design with NEMA Standard. Motor are made with zero tolerance accuracy to get superior mechanical strength & reliability. Motor are susceptible in high voltage fluctuations and give higher efficiency. Motors are available both in 50 Hz and 60Hz. VARUNA oil filled motor available in 3” and 4”.and water filled motor available in 3” to 10”.


  • 6” & 8” Coupling dimension as per NEMA Standard
  • Induction motors are easy re-windable using multi layer PVC insulated wire to get better reliability.
  • Motors are pre-filled with DI (De-ionized) Water+ Glycol mixture which is prevent to motor inside against corrosion also give better cooling to winding as well as bush.
  • Motors are leak proof to use of mechanical seal & rubber ‘O’ Ring at joints parts.
  • Self aliened carbon Vs. Stainless steel thrust bearing which is withstand high axial thrust load in water lubrication.
  • 8” motors are came with higher stack length for High cooling area, and give better heat dissipation capacity.
  • Motor Electrical design is more efficient at lower operating cost.
  • All hardware is in SS 316. It is very durable against rusting &corrosion.
  • Non-Magnetic, Corrosion Resistance high grade stainless steel stator body.
  • Unique Design pressure diaphragm to ensure the pressure compensation inside the motor


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