5″-Scuba series

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5"-Scuba Series


5"-Scuba series

Scuba Series


The new Lowara SCUBA compact close-coupled submersible pump from Xylem brings a new level of reliability and flexibility to primary water supply options for wells, tanks or reservoirs, sprinkler irrigation systems, and pressure boosting. SCUBA quiet, compact multistage pumps are high performance and corrosion resistant, and designed to help people solve mainly domestic, light commercial and agricultural water challenges.

The Lowara SCUBA is certified to the Water Regulations Advisory Service (WRAS) drinking water standard. This makes them perfectly suited to applications like private wells or tanks for residential use, alongside the SCUBA DRY version for working outside of the well as a noiseless surface booster pump. SCUBA is also the ideal choice for irrigation, sourcing water from ponds, lakes, ditches or cisterns, as well as watering of domestic gardens or rainwater harvesting.

SCUBA also has light industrial use such as in car washing systems for water reuse, filtering machines or hoppers.


  • Float switch can be installed when required at workshop or on the field
  • Customizable power supply cable length
  • Reduction of inventory costs

Easy installation       

  • Plug-in power supply cable and float switch
  • Robust delivery manifold for a safe installation
  • Balanced lifting eye for a simplified handling
  • Plug and pump solution thanks to built-in capacitor and motor protection for single phase


  • Corrosion resistant delivery head
  • Sacrificial anode kit to extend pump’s lifein harsh environments
  • Sand abrasion resistant impellers
  • Laser engraved nameplate to ensure data availability over the time

Fresh drinking water

  • Drinking water certified product according to WRAS


  • Noiseless operation for maximum comfort
  • Constant pressure application in combination with a variable speed drive


  • High efficiency hydraulics
  • 100% recyclable cardboard packaging
  • Quick start guide provided with the product
  • Online installation and operation manual


  • 5″ close coupled submersible pump
  • Robut delivery manifold
  • Double mechanical face seals for long lifetime
  • Single phase pump doesn’t require control panel
  • Delivery: up to 12 m3/h
  • Head: up to 100 m
General specification scuba close-coupled submersible pumps
Delivery up to 12 m³/h
Head up to 100 m
Power supply both single and three-phase 50 and 60 hz
Power from 0.55 kw up to 2.2 kw
Temperature of pumped liquid to 40°C
Maximum immersion depth 20 m
Free passage up to 2.5 mm



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