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Majitec Limited whose name was derived from two words“MAJI” which means water in Kiswahili and “Tec” depicting our technological expertise…

Vision & Mission


Majitec Limited whose name was derived from two words “MAJI” which means water in Kiswahili and “Tec” depicting our technological expertise was established in the year 2004 by water veteran Jayateerth Karjagi (JT).

Our unbounded passion, unmatched skill and uncompromised quality led us from one success to another and today we hold sole distributorship of quality brands in pumps and motors market and also cater to the other accessories like uPVC Pipes, Cable, Control Panel & Switch Gears sections.

We are proud to be known as the SOLE MANUFACTURER PRESPRESENTATIVES of world famous brands like Xylem (Lowara, Flygt from Italy), C.R.I, Varuna and Algo from India.

Out total solutions span from Design & Consultancy, Installation & Commissioning, Repair & Maintenance, Maintenance Contract, Plant Operations & Maintenance also Training & Technical Support provided by our skilled teams.




To be trusted and preferred provider of innovation and cost-effective total water solutions in East Africa


MajiTec’s mission is to satisfy its client’s needs while upholding the technical standards of excellence and innovation. To achieve this mission, MajiTec commits to working with clients in a very individualized and responsive manner to ensure a complete understanding of the client’s needs. The commitment of the energetic, professional and experienced MajiTec team focuses on offering value –based services.


  • Integrity
  • Customer- Focus
  • Innovation
  • Team Sprit
  • Professionalism


We manufacture & stock various water related accessories sources from reputed manufacturers across the world making us your “one stop shop” for all your water solutions requirements.


  • Waste Water & Sewage Treatment

    Quality, reliable and unmatched performance range of products from Xylem Solutions, with reputable brands such as Lowara, Flygt, Vogel we cater for all the big projects involving waste water and sewage applications.
  • Ground Water

    We offer a complete package to all your borehole requirements including, a wide range of 4” 5” & 6” borehole pumps from renowned brands like LOWARA & CRI, Motors from Varuna, Cables, uPVC Pipes, and control panels & switch gear.­
  • Agriculture & Irrigation

    No-one does the Agricultural sector better than us, we offer our customers with unbeatable quality products from Xylem – Lowara who have tried, tested and succeeded with their products in over 150 countries across the world.
  • Civil & Residential

    Extensive drainage and dewatering pumps with a capacity from 0.75hp to 10hp available ex-stock. High end, High volume dewatering solutions available from the famous Flygt brand Fire booster sets with all automation and advance pumping solutions like variable speed etc. available from Lowara.
  • Domestic

    Our extensive ranges available ex-stock cater to garden irri – gation, automated lawn irrigation, fountains, water features and fire booster sets with all automation and advanced pumping solutions e.t.c.
  • Industrial & Commercial

    MajiTec Ltd caters to a wide range of Industrial & Commercial applications that require water pumping solutions like water supply, pressure boosting and boiler feed e.t.c.


We are always ready to Assist you.